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Today In The Two Americas

April 16, 2014


That’s the rethug, teabagger, right-wing-nuts idea of putting women first.
I’d expect nothing less from those cowards.

Welfare Queen Bundy has been feeding his cattle for free for 20 years.

I wonder if those (patriots???) that came to his rescue know that they have been feeding his cattle and supporting him for the past 20 years?


More Welfare Queens


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A letter to Dick Cheney about the military and food stamps

April 15, 2014


More and more the republicans are showing how much they hate average(99%) Americans.

Darth Cheney is just one of latest to bash and disrespect soldiers, their families, veterans and anyone that isn’t in the upper 1 or 2% of wealth.


Dear Mr. Vice President,

It’s me, Ari.

We hadn’t heard from you in a while, but you just called into Fox News about the president’s plan.

“It’s driven by budget considerations. He’d much rather spend the money on food stamps than he would on a strong military or support for our troops.”

Would he? Let’s start with the false choice: our soldiers, or our food stamps. Mr. Vice President, we live in a nation where many of our soldiers and military families are using food stamps.

Military families spend $100 million dollars in SNAP benefits on site at military bases every year! In any given month, about 900,000 veterans live in households that use food stamps, or SNAP benefits.

We should work towards an economy where our veterans have enough money that they don’t need SNAP. But right now they do.

Mr. Cheney, under your false choice, you wouldn’t be picking soldiers over “food stamps.” You’d be picking weapons systems over the many soldiers on food stamps. But you know that. So why did you grab this comparison out of the thin Wyoming air? Well, it’s a common habit among some GOP politicians.

Here was Newt Gingrich in 2011.

“You want to be a country that creates food stamps? In which case, frankly, Obama is an enormous success. The most successful food stamp president in American history . Or do you want to be a country that creates paychecks?”

That’s another false choice. While SNAP benefits are vital to many people who are out of work or can’t work, one out of three households using SNAP include working adults. But their wages don’t pay them enough to survive. That’s key to the minimum wage debate: if people who work are starving, do we want to subsidize them with benefits? Or require companies to pay a living wage?

That came up when governors visited the White House this week, with a similar twist.

What I worry about, I heard a question over here about whether he mentioned the minimum wage. Yes, he did mention the minimum wage repeatedly to us. And what I worry about is, that this president, the White House, seems to be waving the white flag of surrender after more than five years now under this administration.

The Obama economy is now the minimum wage economy. I think we can do better than that. I think America can do better than that.

The minimum wage economy? That’s meant as some kind of slur. In a regulated market economy, however, a large share of workers will always be paid the minimum regulated wage. And while the president is the one trying to make that a living wage, in the Cheney-Gingrich-Jindal worldview, simply thinking about that income bracket is suspect.

There’s a sense of contempt here for the president’s focus on such Americans – the minimum wage workers, the people using SNAP – and a rhetorical attempt to disappear the more popular members of this group (like veterans) from the political mental image here.

Mr. Cheney, I don’t imagine you or Gov. Jindal would criticize the president “focusing” on our veterans on food stamps. Or our veterans living on minimum wage  – though they are part of those groups just the same.

Yet you seem to think you can smear President Obama by associating him with a group of Americans disfavored in your political imagination – regardless of the data. Maybe you think that passes as weighing in on public policy.

And you know, there was a time when that kind of double-barreled military-welfare politicking helped Republicans win presidential elections. But it hasn’t worked since, well… since you were still in the White House.

And you know that, too.



This is ‘War Criminal Cheney’s’ legacy.

Earth First

April 15, 2014




The Joy Of Retirement-George W. Bush

April 13, 2014


In a just world he would be spending his retirement in prison. Compliments of The Hague.

Along with Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Rove and all the others that lied us into an illegal war in Iraq and Afghanistan.


March 1, 2014


Let’s start with these rat-bastards. On President Obama’s first day they decided to work against him no matter how much it hurt the country or anyone of us living in it. Not to mention that they didn’t care how much they hurt the world.

All because of the hate they have for one man. That hate they then have thinly disguised as a hissy fit because THEY are not running the country from THEIR WHITE HOUSE!!!



Ryan Hypocrite


I’m sure there is a special place for Lyin’ Ryan.

To Paul Ryan from Satan

The hypocritical, liars don’t have the truth in them.

Deficit Shrinking



They don’t seem to know how a church works.



Possibly one of the biggest Asshats of all time. And war criminal.



Cheney Foodstamps Cut


Why do they hate the veterans?



Question that needs asked


The “boy” is getting uppity.

how-GOP is helping-america

Maybe if he had started an illegal war or 2 he might get a pass from those ‘good christian conservatives.

Obama Bush Comparison




Rafael (The Reptile) Cruz

Ted (Rafael) Cruz reptile




Wizard of Oz-Tea party


Fox News Idiots


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No Sense, No Idea, No Direction

February 10, 2014


Rethug Hypocrisy



It’s so funny and sad how the teabaggers and right-wing nuts are led by people that don’t give a damn about them.



Try to tell a brainwashed OxyRush zombie this.


Americans are lucky for Obama

Wanted Poster Obama

Robert Redford on Teabaggers

How to Be a Real Patriot

The Political Illiterate


This would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic. Must be a Norquist fan.

Teabagger Pledge

Teabagger Pledge2


Obama wants your guns..from nuts


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The Edge Of The World?


The Nullarbor Cliffs in Australia.

So That’s Why You Can’t Have A Hampster.

February 2, 2014




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