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America The Tea Party

September 21, 2011

The Tea Party’s “Take America Back “ vision for American workers.


After all, look at how well the bush tax cuts and all the de-regulating that went on over the past decade created a BOOMING jobs market, the value of real estate is through the roof  and wall street and the banks have had nothing but the interests of the country on their minds.

Without regulations more americans can get back to work because without regulations factory, mine and business owners have always had the welfare of the worker in mind and can be counted on to make sure they have a safe workplace.


So let”s get rid of those regulations that are choking the economy, besides, isn’t it about time kids started pulling their own weight?


Regulations? phhht.. They get in the way of making historical records for big business.

141 dead. Mostly women and kids. Because the doors were locked.

And even with regulations, most business owners are still treating workers like fodder to be cast aside at their whim.






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