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March 1, 2012


While the ship was destined for failure from the very start because of poor leadership and cost over runs that wiped out all money surpluses, construction continued, paid for by borrowing staggering amounts of money from China, cutting taxes on the wealthiest in America and letting banks and large corporations do whatever they pleased.

Even after starting two illegal, unfunded wars that killed and wounded thousands of American troops because weren’t supplied with the right equipment like armored vehicles and bullet proof vests for years after the fighting started, construction continued.

Even after passing an unfunded medicare drug program that made the drug companies millions while making it harder on medicare recipients, construction continued.

Even after pouring millions upon millions of dollars into Iraq that kept disappearing because there was no accountability on where the money went or how it was used, construction continued.

Even after stagnating the economy by catering to the rich while letting most of  America continue to work for just above poverty wages and letting millions of jobs leave the country so corporations could make even bigger profits while putting millions of Americans out of work and increasing the federal deficit, construction continued.

Construction only stopped when it was realized that the American people were tired of all the money disappearing in the two wars and no one being held accountable and that they were going to be out of office soon.

But being the arrogant bastards that they are, even though the ship wasn’t finished, they decided to launch the ship anyway and when it sank they blamed everybody but themselves for their failures.

But don’t worry.

Americans know why the ship sank.

Except for those delusional, out-of-touch-with-reality-people that still wonders why the ship sank and thinks that the same failed policies will somehow fix everything.


I posted this because of a teabagger email that is going around that has the baggers all tingly but I won’t post any links to it. If you want to know about  them you have to get the info yourself. I won’t advertise for them.. But be warned. It’s more of that “teabagger intellect” that they are so famous for.

Okay, I just searched online and found out that there is a video from August 19, 2008 that has all the basics of this “new” email. Only the last picture is changed because the teabaggers think that just because they changed the last picture no one will see them for the racist assholes that they are.

The video is three and a half years old!!!!

Almost three months before he was even elected!!!!

But with the economy and America getting a little better the teabaggers have to dig deep to find out anything to trash President Obama instead of being happy that things are getting a little better.

I have seen some republicans smile when talking about the gas prices going up.

Why do the republicans and teabaggers hate America and the American people?

Why do they hate President Obama so much that they want to see America and/or the whole world fail just so they can say…


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