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A corner of the couch is cold today.

March 12, 2012

Actually it’s been cold for a few days.

Our cat ‘Boots’ passed away at 1:25 AM Saturday morning. He was 18yrs. old and 12yrs. ago a vet said that he had feline leukemia and should be put down. I think he lived so long because we didn’t tell him that he was sick. 😉 But about a year or so ago his kidneys started to give out and I think it finally got to be to much for him.

He had been weak and sick for a couple of weeks and I was feeding him with a 1cc syringe, several cc’s at a feeding, every few hours along with an antibiotic and subcue ringers, he was comfortable but in the last 24hrs. before he died he got really weak. He didn’t seem to be in any pain and he went very quietly. But that was him. He never gave us any trouble and always had his purr motor ready to fire up at just a touch.

He came to us,I think, because his momma, we called her ‘Momma Kitty’ saw something in us, Becky and I, that we didn’t know we had.

Momma showed up at our house one day in the summer of 1993, I think. She wouldn’t let us get close enough to pet her but she would sit and watch us when we were outside and sleep on the back step or a tree stump in the back yard. We ended up giving her food and watching over her the best we could. I think she lived under the Legion Hall that was across the alley from us in back. In the spring or summer of 1994 she brought some little babies (4?) and put them under the stump in the back yard but wouldn’t let us get close to them. She even went so far as to move them for while and later brought them back.

After their eyes opened she let them come to us but she still wouldn’t come to us. I’m going to shorten this up because I could go on about all the cats that we rescued over the years and maybe I will later on but this is about Boots.

Boots, Mr. Boots, Boots Kitty, Bootsie Boy, Boots Fella’, My Boots Guy.

The pic doesn’t do his eyes justice. They were the clearest green eyes that I had ever seen on a cat that wasn’t Siamese.

Nipper looking at camera, Buster asleep, Inky the all black one and Boots looking at camera with eyes closed.

Boots asleep on his corner.

I made a slideshow of our cats that we have had over the years.

It’s my first attempt at doing something like that but it was fun to do.

Take care and have a good day.

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