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March 25, 2012

Some may think this is in poor taste because of what has happened lately but I didn’t write or pass that incredibly stupid law and if I can find ways to mock the racist idiots that passed it while pointing out how stupid it is, I will.

Let me also say that I like Florida. It is a beautiful state with, for the most part, very nice people.

Some Florida politicians and the NRA are responsible for the tragedy and future ones if nothing is done. All they did was trade a noose for a gun and then made it almost impossible to prosecute the shooters.

Here’s another shooting. How many innocents have to die?

Iraq War veteran killed; widow says Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law is free pass for murder

“When Kanina James arrived at the scene, her husband was already dead and her daughter was crying, asking, “Why isn’t anyone helping my daddy?”

An impotent 71yr. old thinks he’s a man because he has a gun. Unfortunately, there are way to many impotent or “inadequate” cowards that are only manly when they have a gun or are beating their wife, kids or someone or something smaller and weaker than they are.

Anything that I post cannot be more disgusting than that law.

Un-Friggin' believable.

What a shmuck.

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