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Health Equality For All???

March 28, 2012

  •   Women don’t mind paying more for health care.
  •   The poor don’t mind having zero f**king money.
  •   People don’t mind dying from lack of healthcare.

                                                     As long as it saves us from socialism!

God Bless America.



What happens to these people if the ACA is repealed?


The biggest reason that the Gop wants the ACA to fail.

It has to fail. That way the Grand Obstructionist Party can keep its promise to the teabaggers, the koch brothers, rash limpdick, the radical right and grover norquist.


Just bend over while I get some lubricant.

From the court that brought you Bush 2000 & Citizens United.

Affordable HealthCare Act

Don’t be surprised.


Check out Something Shiny. It’s not shiny, but it’s very cool. The third pic is the one I mean.

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