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New Category:No Politics Today.

March 28, 2012

For when I have a headache because of said politics.



After 15yrs. I tried my hand at a slideshow/movie. I think his is a little better. 🙂

Here’s the one I did from a past post.

It’s at the end of the post.


55-Hour Exposure of a Tiny Patch of Sky Reveals 200,000 Galaxies

How can anyone think that Earth is 'it'?


This photo is what you get when you point a massive 4.1 meter telescope (VISTA in Chile) at an unremarkable patch of night sky and capture six thousand separate exposures that provide an effective “shutter speed” of 55 hours. It’s an image that contains more than 200,000 individual galaxies, each containing countless stars and planets (to put the image into perspective, the famous Hubble Ultra-Deep Field contains “only” around 10,000 galaxies). And get this: this view only shows a tiny 0.004% of the entire sky!




I’ve got to say it.



You won’t see this in your newspaper.


People often ask me if my editor ever rejects particular Dilbert comics for one reason or another. It’s rare, but it happens. In fact, it happened yesterday. You won’t see this comic in newspapers. I guess I went, um, a little too far. You be the judge.


I know I said no politics but how can I pass on this?

Obama, Romney, Rush Limbaugh and their pilot are flying in a small aircraft when the engines fail.
“Guys, we need to jump, but there are only two parachutes…” says the pilot.

Romney quickly grabs a pack, straps it on his back, pulls open the door and jumps.
Then the pilot whispers something into Limbaugh’s ears, and Limbaugh runs to the door and jumps.

Obama shakes his head at that and says, “Ok, we have one parachute left,
do you think we can jump together and survive?”

“No worries”, says the pilot, “We still have two. Mitt grabbed my backpack when he jumped.”

“I see”, says Obama. “But say…how did you get Rush to jump without a ‘chute??”

“I assured him that if Romney can be president, then pigs can fly.”





USS South Dakota commissioned 70 years ago

The most decorated battleship of World War II, the USS South Dakota, was officially put into service March 20, 1942, with Capt. Thomas Gatch in command. (Photo courtesy of South Dakota State Archives)

South Dakota is my home state. I think have to I’ll post more pics about SD.



And on that note I will say Thank You for visiting today.

Hope you have/had a good one.





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