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Cat ‘toons

April 6, 2012


None of these cats are mine. We have rescued many cats over the years. We found homes for all that we didn’t keep. Here is a slideshow of all the cats over the years. Both the ones we kept and the ones we didn’t. The quality of some of the pics aren’t to good but many are 20+yrs. old. And it’s my first attempt at making a slideshow.


Not a kitty. I just like it. There are a few more.


If you’ve ever owned a cat or cats, you have tried this. Usually with the same results. Out all the cats that we have rescued over the years only one would let us take him for a walk on a leash. As far as the front door.


Another that is not a cat. But to cute not to share. There are a few more.


A pic that I sent in a couple of years ago but the original pic is from about 2001. The baby (Dale, he had an orange brother (Chip)) was just a few months old and the tiger (Tuffy) about 7. They have all since passed away.





What I Really Do

Something Shiny

Thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed making it.

Have a GREAT day!!!

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