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April 29, 2012


Yes, This Is a Gigantic Sarah Palin Head Being Used to Roast a Pig

An ornate metal sculpture modeled after former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has found a new home in President Barack Obama’s hometown. And the larger-than-life rendering of Palin‘s head doesn’t just feature an homage to her signature updo and glasses — it cooks too!

Chicago artist J. Taylor Wallace demonstrated his creation’s cooking capacity Friday at the Bridgeport Art Center, roasting a suckling pig in honor of the statue’s installation there.

See the real smoke come out of her ears and the top of her head!!! Just like when she’s asked a question that hasn’t been pre-approved and rehearsed!!

Some of the people invited but I’m sure they won’t show up are…

From left to right.

Draft dodging, chickenhawk, cowardLINK


Failin’ Palin aka The Snowbilly Grifter

She realized that the gullible right wing/tea party could be taken for more money than any government job pays.

That, and she says that everyone is against her and Blames Everyone Else For Her Failures.–LINK



Sawyer: Would you do it again? Romney: “Certainly not WITH ALL THE ATTENTION IT’S RECEIVED”.-LINK




There have been some derogatory and back handed remarks made by the romney campaign, palin, faux snews, and other right wing/teabaggers about President Obama saying in his book that when he was eight and living with his father in Indonesia that he ate dog meat. Somehow in the bizzarro world of the wingnut teabagger mind, a grown man,putting his dog in a crate on top of his car and taking a several hundred mile vacation equates with an eight year old eating what his parents put in front of him for a meal. But according to dog-on-car’s wife the dog loved it. I guess she has as much empathy as hubby. LINK

Maybe they can get Fred Malek, a big donor and friend, to help do some of the cooking. They might want to keep an eye on their dog if they bring him though.


Other invited teabagging/wingnut/republicans are…


There will be live, interactive, entertainment by local street actors.. Join the FUN!!!


Everyone will get bumper stickers.


A wall poster.


Hats in several styles.





An autographed Bible.


At the end of the day there will be prayer.


After the prayer there will be a roundtable discussion of draft dodging cowards.




There is no BBQ.  I have to write this as a clarification because I will post it as a link on some gop sites and if I don’t someone will get mad because they don’t understand snark, sarcasm or the point I was trying to get across. (Maybe if they look under their hats.)

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