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Sign uses racial slur to refer to President

May 6, 2012


More at this LINK.

This sure puts ‘God’ in God Bless America in perspective. Doesn’t it? Go to the link if you want to see more “free” redneck speech. And stupid redneck pics. CAUTION!! SOME STRONG LANGUAGE IS USED!

This just in: racists remain racist. Local news, HuffPo, and MSNBC’s The Ed Show have reported on the shocking roadside sign below, but the bar’s website (above) includes a collection of past signs, a horribly dated mouse trail effect, and the inability to correctly spell the word “original.” All very troubling. (screenshot below courtesy Fox News Atlanta)

PAULDING COUNTY, Ga. -Residents are upset about a sign in Paulding County that uses a racial slur to refer to President Barack Obama.The sign, in front of the Georgia Peach Oyster Bar on Highway 113, uses the n-word to refer to President Obama.”This world is supposed to be a peaceful world, not a world with hatred. This shouldn’t be here today,” said Carl Norman.

“He needs to wake up and realize it’s 2012,” said Dexter Murr.

Bar owner Patrick Lanzo says he’s posted controversial signs outside his bar and restaurant for 26 years and says he’s practicing free speech.

“I say just because you’re offended by it doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to say something just the opposite,” said Lanzo.

Lanzo said he doesn’t feel any remorse over the sign.

“I don’t feel bad about anything whatsoever. Therefore, they can go out and put their own sign in their own yard and I will not be offended,” said Lanzo.

A list of house rules inside of Lanzo’s bar lists one of the rules as ‘no foul language.’

Residents of the small Draketown community had a mixed response.

“Everybody’s entitled to own thought, it’s not something I’d put in front of mine, but everybody’s got their own opinions about everything,” said Sherry Roew.

Some said they were afraid of the perception the sign gives Paulding County.

“I think it’s terrible,” said Carol Zimmerman.

Paulding County Administrator Mike Jones says he’s well aware of the sign and considers it repulsive, embarrassing and offensive. He says if there was something they could do about it, it wouldn’t be there.


There is more at this LINK.


I am so upset about the subject matter that I almost forgot…

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