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Rnomey orf seprtedni!!! SUA! SUA! SUA! AMERCIA! AMERCIA!

May 31, 2012

I wasn’t going to do anything about Mr. Dog-On-Roof today until I saw that the rethugs super PACs are planning  to spend $1 BILLION dollars on the election. LINK HERE

Like I need an excuse. LOL



Way to come in first in a one horse race.


And how do you communicate your victory and rally the country to vote for you?

You spell America wrong for an iPhone app.


Stephen Colbert didn’t waste any time.





Stephen Colbert sings “Amercia the Beatiful” for Mitt Ronmey 2102.


If Obama had an app with “America” misspelled, there would be a massive uproar.

“See, he’s always hated America!!!”

“It’s code!!!”

“It’s the front edge of the takeover!!!”

“We’ll all be in concentration camps next year!!!”


Something you don’t see every day.

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