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Rmoney, The Tea Party and the GOP Can’t Get Enough Koch.

June 9, 2012


If it wasn’t for all the outside money…well…Here’s the brown-nosing lapdog that is Scott Walker.

They outspent Mr. Barrett $30 million to $4 million. Some news sources were calling the koch suckers the winners when barely 20% of the vote was in.

I hear a job could be opening up as an elevator operator at their house that has the car elevator in the garage.

Do you think his wife gets one for each Cadillac?

Yeah, the story was said to be somewhat blown out of proportion but then, doesn’t everyone needs a $50,000 or so car lift?

Here’s a article about car elevators. it’s not bad. The ups and downs of car elevators.




Sometimes, it’s a little hard to find the humor and all that will do is a facepalm.

But then… there is an event like the Wisconsin election.


Something you don’t see everyday.

What I really do.


Thanks for visiting.

I hope you are having a good weekend.


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