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Neil Munro; Faux News Reporter

June 17, 2012


Munro is the schmuck from Lying Fox News that interrupted President Obama during a press briefing on June 15, 2012 announcing changes on immigration.

(click on highlights for stories)

We lie because if we didn’t we wouldn’t exist. That and it keeps all of our racist, knuckle-dragging mouth breathers tuned in.

Sorry son, you can’t play with what isn’t there. Maybe in your next life.


There will be more to come. Between a new program and my broadband connection speed down to just above dial-up it’s time for the Fathers Day Chinaco.



Mercy, it just took 5 minutes to post that last image.

I’m done for the moment but I’m not done with that putz Munro.

Ogre I’ve figured out something. If not today, because of connection speeds, then soon.


Have a GREAT DAY everyone.


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