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I think we may have a new member to the family.

July 15, 2012


My wife brought her in on Friday the 13th. She’s not completely solid black. There are a few white hairs sprinkled all over with no solid patches. My wife made a box with a blanket for her to sleep in but here she is on the couch.

She has been living around our house since she was born about 10-12 months ago. We don’t know where her momma is and the neighbor and my wife have been taking care of her. My wife thinks that the people (and I use that term loosely), a few doors down,left a pregnant cat and a couple others out to the neighborhood when they moved late last summer.

Now one has had kittens, 4-6wks. ago and this one is preggers. I think the neighbor may have adopted the one with babies.

This one has kept sneaking into the house every chance she can since Feb. and now we think she may be due very, very, very soon.

She hasn’t told us her name yet. From the way she’s settled in and by her demeanor it could be Sheba, as in Queen of, or Ebony. We’ve already had one black cat named Inky(Dink) and one named Katie.

We’ll see what happens. Here’s a few more pics. Probably post again after the babies get here.

Here she is in her box.


Snoozin’ away.


Getting comfy on the couch. Those babies don’t make it easy.


This is an unhappy Punkin’. She has been sulking in the kitchen but I think she’s coming around.


This is Amanda, Punkin’s daughter. She’s coming around.



This is Snuggles, our oldest at 17+ yrs. old. She thinks she’s 7. She gets along with everybody.


Those are all of them.

For now.

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