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Ghost,Sam Snead & Jack Roush

July 17, 2012


I’m going to use this post to take care of two things.

Number One…

I told ‘cupcakesakura’  that I would post pics of a cat that we once had. Her name is Ghost. My youngest son brought her home one day in 1999 I think. She was very skinny and he said that she was just laying on the ground when he found her. She was very weak and I didn’t expect her to live. It took a week of round-the-clock care for her to get the strength to stand. Jonathon(my son then 11yrs. old) stayed with her the whole time. It was summer vacation. We kept her after he graduated and went into the world and when he visited, no matter how long he was gone, as soon as he walked in the door she would jump onto his shoulder and perch there. She didn’t do that to anyone else. I think it was for the view. He’s 6’5″. She passed away quietly one day in the fall of 2006. We figure she was about 17yrs. old. She was so gentle, loving and even tempered. I don’t recall her ever scratching anyone. These pics are before digital and are a little fuzzy after being scanned. Not to mention we didn’t have the best cameras.

This is how she would sit on my sons’ shoulder and that was her perch.


And C…

Aaron the Ogre regarding who I think these guys look like. What do you think?

I have met both of these guys. Jack Roush about 35 yrs. ago at a drag strip in Columbus, Ohio and Sam Snead maybe 25 yrs. ago at The Greenville Country Club in Greenville, Ohio. We were never best buds. Just shook hands and some small talk but I was and am a Ford person and that’s around the time I became interested in golf.

LOL. I’m getting to the age where now conversations start to begin with ‘I remember when…’ Oh boy. haha

That and I ramble on when I talk. Kind of like grandpa on The Simpsons. Oh… here’s those pics.

Jack Roush

Sam Snead

Don’t worry. You won’t hurt my feelings if you don’t agree. 🙂

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