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So far there are 2 baby kittens.

July 17, 2012


I was hoping she would have the rest by now. That’s why I haven’t said anything. But now I can’t help myself.

She had the 2 at 6:30 & 7:00 AM Monday morning. My wife says that she isn’t done so we are waiting. It isn’t unusual for cats to birth babies at long intervals. We had one cat in the 90’s that took 18 or 20 hrs. one time.

She s doing well and the 2 babies are being well taken care of by her. So far we aren’t to worried but if nothing happens by the time the vet opens in 4 or 5 hrs. then we will start to get more concerned.

Momma’s eating and drinking. She walks around. The babies started nursing almost right away. She took to them right away.

All we can do is keep an eye on her.

Or more to the point my wife will since she gets around better than I do and they are in a different room.

It’s been 12 yrs. since we had a cat give birth.

I think I’ll poke around and/or read some mail.

Since I can’t pace.




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