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The baby kittens will be a week old tomorrow.

July 22, 2012


She stopped at 2. She took to taking care of them like it was nothing. They were cleaned up and nursing right away.

I mention that because the cat that is named Punkin’ looked around like “WHAT THE HELL??” when her babies were born. She had to be shown everything. But things turned out OK because Punkin’ had 5 and they all lived.

We named Momma ‘Ebony’. She is doing good and the babies are very vocal when hungry and already showing separate¬† personalities.

Ebony just before the kittens were born.

The first one.


The second one getting cleaned up.


An hour old.


Saturday pics. 5 days old

Ebony is acting like this is just everyday stuff going on. She really keeps an eye on the other cats but she’s not overly protective. She just lets the two know when they get to close. She is doing pretty good though, considering that we brought her in just last Friday.

I’ll probably keep posting updates as they get older.


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