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First Pictures From The Mars Rover, Curiosity

August 6, 2012


WOOHOOO!!!! Being able to watch this in real time is so cool!

It’s 2:04 AM and I just finished watching the rover landing on the NASA channel while eating peanuts for good luck. I did a couple of screen grabs of the first thumbnails. There are only a few at first because of the horizon blocking the signal after a few minutes. At least that’s what I think I heard someone say.

This is the first pic from Curiosity. They said it’s a little fuzzy from the dust that was kicked up from the landing. About 1:35AM


This is a clearer view of the first pic about 2 minutes later. 1:37AM

The pic on the left is the shadow from Curiosity and the pic on the right is a wheel in the bottom right corner. 1:39AM


A better pic of the rover’s shadow. 1:41AM

This was posted on George Tekei’s facebook page.


Well, I have to feed Snuggles. I startled her when I yelled when the rover landed. She just came out from under the bed and is telling me in no uncertain terms that she needs to eat since I woke her up.

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