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We Have A New Cat & Two New Kittens!!!

August 19, 2012


I thought that I had posted about all this. Guess I didn’t.

Becky (wife) brought in this stray cat that she had been feeding and watering because of the heat and she was preggers (cat, not wife) and looked like she was about ready to give birth. That was in July, on Friday the 13th. She’s a black cat as you’ll see in the pics. We eventually decided to call her Ebony. She’s not more than a year old.

The babies were born inside on Monday July 16 between 6 and 8A.M. It got to over 100 degrees that day with very high humidity. We now have 3 new in house only cats. We weren’t going to take in any more but this girl is a sweetheart. Also very loving and smart. The other cats more or less put up with her at first, and now are much better.

Where does the time go? They will be 5 weeks old on Monday. With Amanda getting sick and passing away, the garden coming in, the new additions, and life going on, the past few weeks have flown by.

Ebony is doing great as are her babies. We’ve had to upgrade their home 3 times because of how fast they are growing.

No names yet for the babies. Probably sometime this month as their personalities grow.

Becky has probably taken over 100 pics and a few movies. Here’s a few pictures. No movies…yet.

This post is a little longer than usual but it’s the first pics and I probably won’t make this big of a post about them for a while. There’s only about 5 or six more than usual.



July 17. About 24hrs. old.



July 25.  Do they look content or what? Notice how low the sides of the box are.



August 2. Still in the first box. Eyes still closed but noisy and growing.



August 5th. His eyes opened on the 5th and hers on the 6th.



August 7. With eyes open they are playing more. Time for a new home.



August 11. The new box is a little bigger with taller sides. But maybe not tall enough. He tries to escape. It looks like she might be saying “Oh no you don’t!”

Girls go first! 


These 5 pics are from Aug. 11 also. But 13-14 hrs. later (7AM vs 8-9PM). During that time it was discovered that yet a new, if not larger, but a box with taller sides was needed. Notice the toys. Bec made those (crochet). I think she can crochet anything. Between 8&9 PM they wore themselves out trying to get out of the box then wrestling with each other. Then Momma showed up and it was time to eat and sleep. Ebony made good use of the stuffed toy hanging from the side of the box.




August 15 & 16. Showing the stuffed mouse who’s boss and reason for 20 inch tall cardboard wall inserts now in the box.



They are trying to climb the hanging toy to get out. We may have to do something about that.

Their box is at a quiet end of the sofa. Becky fell asleep yesterday and her left arm dropped into the box.

She won’t let me show pics of her arm after they used it to try and get out of the box.

We’ve both forgotten (but not for long) how velcro-like and needle/razor sharp those little claws are!


If you’ve made it this far…

Thank You for your patience.

I hope you have a GREAT day!!!


To a cat, “NO” means “Not while I’m looking”.

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  1. August 19, 2012 5:12 pm

    They’re adorable. Congratulations!

    • August 20, 2012 10:40 am

      Thank you. It’s been 12yrs. since any newborns. I’d forgotten how fast they grow. Or what pistols they can be. So far the box is tall enough. We take them out and let them play until momma lets us know they’ve been out long enough and it’s time for them to get cleaned up and eat.

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