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The Republican CONvention Begins

August 29, 2012


Or maybe it should be called what it really is.


First they had to get the proper party platform built.


Then there were the finishing touches to the rest of the convention center.


Now… to try and make a robot look human.


Failing that…

They try to make Dog-On-Roof Rmoney more likeable.


Security was briefed.


Rmoney Hood and Friar Ryan arrive at the CONvention.


Endorsements will be made.


Ryan brings all his business experience with him.

He may not have business experience but he is what one of the koch brothers paid for.

On Friday night’s edition of “The Young Turks,” host Cenk Uygur highlighted a report by controversial Republican political operative Roger Stone. The report alleges that vice presidential nominee Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) arrived at his place on the ticket through the machinations of David Koch, half of the powerful billionaire Koch brothers.

Koch, who has worked cheek by jowl with the Wisconsin Republican cabal that launched the career of Gov. Scott Walker and famously stalled out that state’s government for months in 2011, reportedly offered Romney an additional $100 million in campaign donations to C-4 and super PAC organizations dedicated to Romney’s election on the condition that Romney take Ryan as his running mate.


It looks like the teabagger’s base following made it to the convention.


The hardest winds of Isaac missed Tampa.

The crazy teabagger winds haven’t diminished at all.



Everyone gets free bumper stickers.



And a commemorative poster.


Thank you for visiting.

I hope you have good day.


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