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The RNC Did Get One Thing Right This Past Week

September 3, 2012


I know, I know…it’s not aaaalll their fault. But it did frame up for a nice picture.


But they know how to handle it.



Lyin’ Ryan rides in on his white horse.


Gives a hot speech.


Clint did the fact checking.


Lyin’ Ryan to the rescue.


Time for Rmoney’s speech.


Everything is going great!


Known for his sense of humor, Mittens opens with a joke.


Running out of “facts” to use against President Obama, Mr. Dog-On-Car brings out his stand-by material.


His speech closes with a revelation.


There are gifts in the gift shop.


A new bumper sticker.


The big seller just might be the Ryanochio doll.


Thanks for visiting.

I hope everyone has a nice Labor Day and remember why it is celebrated.

It’s supposed to be raining here thanks to the leftovers of Isaac.

“In his speech, Mitt Romney reached out to women, he reached out to blacks, he reached out to Latinos. No one reached back.” –David Letterman


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