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We Finally Named Our New Kittens.

September 21, 2012


Actually we named them a couple of weeks ago but I just downloaded the camera. They are now 9 1/2 weeks old and have been exploring the house since they got big enough to get out of the box they were born in and 26 inch tall walls that had been put into place had finally been scaled on a regular basis 2 and 3 weeks ago. Now they seldom sleep in the box and have been alternating between my wheelchair and another chair in the living room. They are now eating the regular dry food that is out for the older cats. At about 6 weeks we started helping momma (Ebony) with a baby kitten milk supplement because they were getting so active and we wanted to make sure that they got enough food. Then they were shown some dry kitten food and when they showed an interest in that we put some kitten milk and or water on it to soften it up and in the last week or so they have decided that they want the dry food more than wet. We are still pushing the kitten milk because it is almost gone and it is so expensive ($14.00/6oz.!! powder @ 2 to 1 mix) and they still like it. If they don’t finish it Ebony will, and since they still are nursing I figure the babies will get it one way or another. Momma still follows them around and stays close or at lest her ears seem to be always tuned to where ever they are. When the kittens get tired they still want Momma to snuggle and nurse on. Or when Momma decides it’s time to eat or sleep and they are still listening to her. For the most part.

Punkin’ and Snuggles are slowly coming around. I think the biggest obstacle is Momma. Her and Punkin’ have gotten into it a couple of times but I think Ebony is starting to trust Punkin’ a little bit. I hope so, now that the babies are running more Punkin’ is getting more used to them and is acting like she wants to play but Ebony may be putting a damper on things a little bit. I hope Punkin’ is allowed to, by Ebony, and starts to play with them. She hasn’t been quite herself since her last baby passed away last month. I wrote about it here, LINK TO AMANDA’S POST

Snuggles is 17 yrs. old so she hasn’t been to happy but she is also coming around. The babies ease up to her and after getting batted a couple of times after playing with Snuggles tail they now touch noses and sniff each other without any hissing. Or at least there is less hissing anyway and today Snuggles and the babies slept on the same pillow touching, but not snuggled. Not yet anyway.

Well, now for the reason of this post.

Introducing ‘Gabby’.

She hasn’t been quiet since she was born. Seems to have an opinion about everything and when she sees us after she wakes from a nap or hasn’t seen us for a while she talks until we touch noses with her and with me she reaches up with her right paw and touches the left side or the tip of my nose. So far she has very soft long fur.



And Big Guy. (B.G.)

We couldn’t think of a name for him until I realized that almost since he was born I had been calling him Big Guy. He was the biggest of the two when born and he still thinks he is waaaaaay bigger than he is even though Gabby has out grown him in size. I think he is going to have short shiny fur like his momma.

He struts around like he owns the place.



Here’s what they looked like on the 25th of August. Still sleeping in their box.


Here they are on the 17th of Sept. No more box for them! When momma joins they take up the whole chair.


Here’s a screen grab of Gabby trying to get Punkin’ to play. I think she wants to play but Punkin’ is still trying to figure these little terrors out. It doesn’t help that momma is keeping an eye on Punkin’ though.

It’s like Gabby is saying…

“C’mon, you know you want to play.”


Thanks for visiting.


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