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Union-Busting GOP Governor Scott Walker Demands Return Of Unionized NFL Referees

September 25, 2012


So he’s against unions unless they can do some good for something he believes in? Better watch what you say you Koch sucker. Your puppeteer overlords will get mad at you. But when all is said and done you will still believe that unions are bad because in the long run, it doesn’t really affect you. You will do lip service to the evils of unions, and like the other teabaggers of the republican party, it doesn’t make any difference who you hurt, as long as you toe the corporate line.

Scott Walker’s union busting state has their pro football team get screwed by scab refs…….lesson……sometimes you get what you pay for Wisconsin….Bahahaha. Next up? Your children’s education and public safely….

Walker’s sudden support of union labor is surprising, given his push for a radical union-busting law that effectively ended collective bargaining for many of Wisconsin’s public employees. The law, which Walker and his fellow Republicans pitched as necessary to fix Wisconsin’s budget before admitting that it was the “first step” in an anti-union strategy, was so unpopular that it led to massive protests outside the state capitol in Madison and recall elections against Walker and six Republicans in the state senate.

Multiple Packers players, incidentally, urged Wisconsinites to vote against Walker in the recall. And while Walker decries the scab officials who replaced union labor on the football field, he doesn’t hold himself to the same standard: after his union-busting law went into effect, union workers were replaced with prison labor.


It’s an old cliché but it rings far too true: when things don’t go well, the first place to look is the mirror. And that is why I couldn’t help but notice the painful irony that Green Bay became the first team to suffer a devastating loss due to the NFL’s replacement officials. After all, it only makes sense that the first victim of replacement worker incompetence would occur in Wisconsin, the first state to throw a hay-maker at collective bargaining and unions. The same state that not only elected Governor Scott Walker, a man who passed legislation essentially stripping unions of all powers to collectively bargain, but then elected him once again by an even wider margin in a recall election, making Walker only the third governor in American history to be recalled and the first incumbent to win his recall election. The State of Wisconsin wanted to limit union power, and Packer fans in Wisconsin got their first taste of their wish. And it’s bitter.


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I’d like to say that I’m not completely pro union but I believe that they do have their place. I don’t belong to a union and haven’t since 1978. I’ve usually had my own business, mostly in security both personal, celebrity and business. I just believe that people should be treated fairly and unfortunately big corporations, if left to there own designs, will usually put the employee last over profits.

I found this and thought it was funny.


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