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October 4, 2012


From some facebook posts and comments on at least one local TV station that live streamed it and some conservative sites they are happy with that.

Only in the bizzarro wing-nut world can someone WIN by breaking even or staying equal to a competitor.

Cue “The Twilight Zone” music.

I don’t know how serious this article is since it was posted before the debate was over. I thought it was funny.

There were many points that weren’t covered but the moderator let the debate get out of control. At first I thought that he should have shut them down when they interrupted or went way over their time limit. The good thing was that he let both of them respond when the other went to long or changed subject. Good for the candidates but not good for how it made the moderator look.

I wasn’t looking for much in this debate from either one of them and that’s what I got. Rmoney got blustery and pushy at times and President Obama seemed like he could have pushed back more and maybe that was his plan. He’s done it before.

What got me was that Rmoney seemed to be all over the place for most of the debate.


Not only could this have been a preview.

I can see those guys saying the same thing after the debate.


It’s funny how some cartoons that were made before the debate come close to what happened…sort of.




I didn’t think that there were any real “zingers” tonight.


Rmoney prepping for the debate.




There’s nothing like the after debate…debates.

Thanks for visiting.

Is the change of seasons making anyone sick with the upset stomach,fever, sore muscles and aching joints? Or is it just me?





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