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Big Bird’s Job Resume

October 6, 2012


If Dog-On-Roof Rmoney happens to get elected Big Bird may be out of a job.

The folks at job site have been helping him out. With his background that includes: Skating Carhop, Linguist and Mathematics coach, singer, dancer, actor and most, recently “social media maven” – with over 31,000 followers on Twitter.

Big Bird’s online resume does a nice job of showcasing those skills and accomplishments.  Using Bright will help him to find connections at companies to help with his job search.  He’ll also be able to keep track of  his applications and keep his job search organized.

My guess is that if he ends up needing a job he won’t have a problem finding one.



Big Bird

Tall, bright, affable, yellow bird seeking a new employment opportunity in public sector. Previous experience working for not-for-profit educational services. Professional experience working with both letters and numbers, and prior experience working with children, celebrities, and puppets. Singing and dancing audition upon request.SKILLS
Team player; hands on yet winged; local Laundromat evangelist; Ability to convey information clearly, garner buy-in from all parties, and sing on key

Using my imagination to land on the moon, uni-cycling in Brooklyn on weekends, singing, making bird-seed milkshakes

• Chairman of the Mr. Hooper Foundation
• Fighting for equal rights following discrimination stemming from Alfred Hitchcock’s offensive The Birds
• Co-Head of the Anti-Chik-fil-A Group, with Bert and Ernie
• Head of the ABC (Angry Birds Coalition) focused on reducing violence between birds and pigs
• Living Legend Award, Library of Congress – 2000
• Star, Hollywood Blvd. Walk of Fame – 1994
• Klout score: 20 and growing


Social Media Strategist


Oct 2012 – Present (1 month)
• Grew account to over 25,000 followers in under 24 hours
• Spurred 17,000 tweets/minute (initiating litigation for the trademark “tweet” following potential expected cut in funding)
• Term “Big Bird” trumps “Obamacare” on Twitter trending results


Occupy Sesame Street

Oct 2012 – Present (1 month)
• Work on education of percentages, achieved 99% participation rate; considerable press coverage, both locally and nationally
• Contributed to creative process for demonstration chants, including leading sing-alongs
• Offered hugs as necessary


Acting Appearances

Jan 1969 – Present (43 years, 10 months)
• The Electric Company, 1972
• The Muppet Show, 1978
• The Muppet Movie, 1979
• Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, 1981
• Sesame Street Presents Follow that Bird, 1985: Performed my own stunts, received Incident Management Tow Operator License
• The West Wing, Season 5, Episode 11, 2004
• Hollywood Squares regular
• Upcoming Quentin Tarantino Project, Fowl Play (working title)

Sales Representative


Jan 2012 – Oct 2012 (9 months)
• Generated $70 to $75 million a year in revenue from “Sesame Street” properties

Linguist and Mathematics Coach

sesame street

Jan 1969 – Oct 2012 (43 years, 9 months)
• BA, MBA, JD, in the letters BA, MBA, JD, and others
• Worked as Professional Talent Agent for Multiple Letters, including A-Z, and numbers 1-99
• Continues to develop and culture relationships with new letters and numbers that arise

Sales Representative

Sesame Workshop

Jan 2011 – Dec 2011 (1 year)
• Generated $46.9 million in revenue from toys, stuffed animals, comic books, Halloween costumes, t-shirts and USB drives

Skating Carhop


Jan 2009 – Jan 2011 (2 years, 1 month)
• Carried and balanced a tray weighing up to 25 pounds while roller skating
• Greeted all guests in a polite and friendly manner with a smile
• Operated Drive-Thru window and sales register and made accurate change quickly and efficiently


Little Wing High School

High School Diploma

The Julliard School for Domestic Birds

Master’s / Performing Arts, Playing Well with Friends; Emphasis in Bird-fluence in America, Feathering the Dramatic Nest, Patty-Cake

University of Sesame Street

Education Specialist / Early Childhood Education


developing lesson plans
guided reading
individualized education plans
creative lesson planning
student motivation
interdisciplinary reading
parent-teacher communication
social studies
classroom management
critical thinking
special needs students
graphing calculators
Public Speaking
child development
early childhood intervention
Supervisory skills
teaching math
Teaching Music
Listening skills
Expertise with various teaching methodologies



Thank you for visiting.

Unless the GOP finds a way to steal the election I think his job will safe.

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