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Wouldn’t it be great to wipe the smirk off their faces?

November 3, 2012


Not only those two, but Rmoney, Lyin’ Ryan and all those smirking teabagger CONgressmen that said they wouldn’t work with the president or the democrats.

It looks like President Obama is going to come out on top on Tuesday if all the indicators are accurate and everything is on the up and up.

Just think of what this says about our country.
The billionaires failed at buying the government of the people.
The cheating could not stand up to the actual vote.
The lying was unable to smother the truth and the ability to distinguish the difference.
The Tea Party may become obsolete or at least a footnote in history.
Perhaps the Republican Party itself will be relegated to the history bin. (doubtful of that one, but who knows?)
The Supreme Court will be out of corporate control for the first time in decades.

There are more major ramifications to this election, so you can add your own .
But the point is this… If we re-elect Obama (as we damn well should), this election is very possibly a bigger revolution than the first one when we elected our first African-American president.


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  1. November 7, 2012 6:05 pm

    I hope it worked! At least for a day. Beware the return of the smirk, as they’re not going to quit…

    • November 7, 2012 7:18 pm

      Maybe Rmoney can work for one of his sons now.
      Or maybe he will just buy the company and ship it overseas.

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