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Over 400,000 votes in Az have NOT yet been counted! Maybe 600000+

November 7, 2012


The story broke this morning and the estimate was 400,000. It’s now being predicted that it’s up to 600,000+


Petra Falcon, executive director of Promise Arizona, said she was told that 200,000 provisional ballots were cast, as well as 200,000 early ballots. She said counting of those votes will not even begin until this morning and she feared the Maricopa County sheriff’s race would be called before then. And it was, with Sheriff Joe Arpaio beating Democrat Paul Penzone to win his sixth term in office.

“Four hundred thousand ballots — that’s a lot,” Falcon said. “Even if it’s an Arpaio win, those votes should be counted.”

Roopali Desai, Promise Arizona’s attorney, said the number of provisional ballots is “unprecedented” in Arizona — or anywhere. “Nobody can explain it,” she added. “We’re trying to get to the bottom of it.”


If you are in Arizona, Please sign!!!!

I saw this on Democratic Underground.


If the bastards can’t win national elections without cheating maybe they can win states or locals.


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