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Grief and Denial

November 11, 2012


The GOP, The Tea Party and others on the right have really taken the loss badly. Most of my repub relatives on facebook have unfriended me and one that used to call every day to tell me how well Romney was doing are screening their calls. I think it is very funny. They always call me when their cars screw up, for a diagnosis. I can no longer fix them since I can’t go out, but I can usually tell what’s wrong and/or steer them in the right direction to get it fixed.

We’ll see what happens as time goes on.

But until then.


I half expected to see news of people with ash on their faces and ripped clothes, ailing and crying. Maybe in churches, or banks, arms stretched upward, crying…


There will be some depression.


Then this is what will happen.

After the denial and depression, the anger will set in.


And this will start back up again.








I wonder if Rove should be watching his back?



Some people might be a little pissed that they didn’t get their moneys worth.


Maybe this is the problem?


This is funny.


Thank you for visiting.



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