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The Clueless And The Damned

March 20, 2013


Hi. I’m still in the nursing home and am shooting for getting out of here in 2-4 weeks. My walking distance, lung capacity, physical endurance, weight loss (48lbs.) have surprised my therapists and everyone else here. Noone thought that when I got here that I would be doing as good as I am doing and in the time frame that I’m doing it in. I just found out that I was expected to be here a minimum of 6 to 9 months with some thinking a year or more would be more a realistic time frame.

Now that I’m feeling better I hope to posting more often.


Thought I’d start with one of the most clueless. Or is she so stupid that she doesn’t realize that if she isn’t reading what’s written on her hand, the thing she reads from that is in front of her is a teleprompter?

clueless 00

clueless 01


clueless 02


clueless 04


clueless 05


clueless 06


clueless 03


clueless 07


clueless 09


clueless 08


Happy Spring Everyone.

Thanks for visiting.

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