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The Weekly Catnip

June 1, 2013


5 AM Cat


Ass kicking cat



Cat at beach


While this is a funny picture, be careful of ribbons around a cat. They can cut up their insides and can usually only be removed by surgery.

Cat Gets Ribbons


Cat Stupid People




If they thought this was a good idea then they deserve what they got. LOL



They can be nothing if not very determined.



Clump O’ Kitties

Clump O Kitties




You invaded my space, assimeowlated








Thanks for visiting.



According to park rangers in New South Wales, Australia, dozens of giant, fluorescent pink slugs have been popping up on a mountaintop there.

“As bright pink as you can imagine, that’s how pink they are,” Michael Murphy, a ranger with the National Parks and Wildlife Service,  ”On a good morning, you can walk around and see hundreds of them.”

The eight-inch creatures have been spotted only on Mount Kaputar, a 5,000-foot peak in the Nandewar Range in northern New South Wales.

Photo: NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service

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