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Dubya Thanks The TEA Party

June 14, 2013


There are one or two polls that show Bush the Lesser gaining a few ticks in popularity.

So I thought that I’d commemorate the news with some of his past accomplishments in pictures. There’s only a few and I did get a little off track but please bear with me.

There is just so much material!!!!


Bush thanks you


Didn’t hear the outrage then. But Congress didn’t have a mandate from the first day that President Obama was sworn in to fight him on everything that he proposed or was for.



bush cheney werent-soldiers






cat wants bush in prison


dubya and cheney




This was posted on my fb page by one of my right wing nut relatives. My reply was that I wasn’t aware that anyone had tried to blame him. Their reply was, “You just watch, Somebody will try”. Bush should be so lucky.

stupid teabagger




If Obama were white


Thanks for visiting.

I don’t know who did this picture. Just think it’s cool.


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