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Silly Saturday

June 15, 2013


Dancing Polar Bears


Finnish Hymn




Croc eating Croc


50 Shades of Hay


R2D2 Peeing


Someone told me that isn’t a T-Rex and I forget what it is. I think a T-Rex would have just as much trouble though.

Silly Saturday3


Early Dentistry


I did not know this. According to some poll though…I wouldn’t doubt about the cuss word.

Oh, I live in Ohio.

Ohioans lead in cussing


Why does pink bone buzz


Duck goin north


Thanks for visiting.


Big Pic: Hubble Space Telescope Captures The Ring

Nebula In Astonishing Detail


What does all that mean? If you’re an astronomer it means you have a better understanding of the Ring Nebula. That in turn provides insight into the way our own sun’s nebula will form in another six billion years or so when it runs out of fuel, sheds its outer gasses, and collapses in on itself (it won’t look like this because our sun isn’t as big, but nonetheless there will be similarities). For the rest of us, it means look at that amazing image of the Ring Nebula!


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