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Photographer Captures the International Space Station Looking Like the USS Enterprise

June 21, 2013


This is way, way COOL!

The Moon is waxing full this week, which means there’s more bright territory for spaceships to cross. Yesterday, astrophotographer Maximilian Teodorescu of Dumitrana, Romania, caught the International Space Station passing in front of the Moon in broad daylight: “In the past I have captured the silhouette of the ISS in front of the Sun or Moon,” says Teodorescu. But this time the ISS was not silhouetted. It was even more brightly lit than the Moon behind it. “I photographed them both in plain daylight, with the Sun still hanging at 26 degrees above the horizon.”

Traveling at 17,000 mph, the ISS flits across the face of the Moon in only a fraction of a second. Teodorescu knew when to activate his Canon 550D digital camera using precise transit predictions from CalSky.

Moon and ISS space station, Enterprise

After seeing the photograph being shared online, actor George Takei, best known for his role as Hikaru Sulu in Star Trek, commented on Facebook: “My goodness, from this angle it looks like a certain starship I once flew.”



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