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Trayvon Martin Found Guilty…of Walking While Black.

July 16, 2013


Sentenced to Death.


Executioner Patted on Back by NRA, KKK.



At what speed does a black youth walk so that he doesn’t look suspicious?

Zimmerman 008


Zimmerman 021


Zimmerman 002


Zimmerman 006


Zimmerman 010


Zimmerman 015


Zimmerman 014


Zimmerman 017


Zimmerman 018


Zimmerman 003


Zimmerman 011


Zimmerman 012


Zimmerman 007


Zimmerman 022


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Life-Size Fiat Abarth Model Made Exclusively from Body-Painted Contortionists


Italian car-maker Fiat has partnered with renowned body painter Craig Tracy to advertise their sporty Fiat 500 Abarth in a truly unique fashion.

Craig Tracy is a master of body-painted optical illusions. From realistic animals to breathtaking sceneries, he is able to create just about anything from a a few expertly-painted flexible bodies, but he has really outdone himself for this new Fiat advert. The talented artist spent five days working with a team of female circus performers and contortionists, mapping out each one’s position in this human vehicle model and painting all the tiny details on their bodies. Although it would have been much easier, photographer RJ Mura says the team never even considered doing it in Photoshop, and that everyone strived to get the human Abarth looking just right without relying on post-production editing. All things considered, the end result is mind-blowing.


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