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The Weekly Catnip

August 3, 2013






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The Remember Ring

Are you mad at yourself for never being able to remember your wedding anniversary? Do you wish that just once you could do something nice for your partner on your important day? You’re in luck, because you’d have to be suffering from Alzheimer’s not to remember it with the aptly named Remember Ring from Alaska Jewelry. The useful accessory looks like an ordinary wedding ring but is fitted with Hot Spot technology that makes it heat up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit on the day before the anniversary, making it impossible to ignore by the wearer. Every hour, the gadget gets hotter and hotter for 10 seconds, until it reaches peak temperature, reminding you the big days is just around the corner. The Rember Ring is fitted with a battery-charged micro-chip clock that converts the heat from your hand into electricity, which means it will never run out of power. “Using a micro thermopile, The Remember Ring converts the heat from your hand into electricity, keeping the battery charged and microchip clock running perpetually,” its makers say.


The Remember Ring is currently in the concept stage of development, so you’ll have to rely on your failing memory for a little bit longer, but its creators say it that when it finally hits jewelry shops, it will be available in 14 carat white and yellow gold in men’s sizes 10 to 13, at a price of $760. Just specify the anniversary date when you order it, and they’ll program it for you.


Source: Alaska Jewelry

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