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They Can’t Help Themselves

August 18, 2013


They don’t care about the individual, only the party line.



It’s happening more and more often. If Boner’s not careful he’ll become dehydrated.





Rethugs repeat Lies



More like completely disregarding it.



GOP Benghazi hypocrite


And remember…When they get back from vacation they will work ‘8 WHOLE DAYS’ in September.



How many do you think ever voted down a pay raise for themselves?

Minimum Wage vote


YUP! Ol’ Poopie Pants  chicken hawk is all the other teabagger chicken hawks HERO.

Ooooo…Ooooo that smell. Can’t you smell that smell?

Dixie Chicks-ODS


That should be Fascist Style.




Bilbo is so clueless. But at least he knows how the tide works. Oh…wait a minute….

The moran doesn’t.!!!





Right Wing Terrorism


They don’t call them The Tea Party Taliban for nothing!

Tea Party or Taliban


Thanks for visiting.

A colored x-ray of a Lily.

X-ray of lily


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