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GOP Vacation=Business as Usual

August 31, 2013


Vacations give them time for town hall meetings.

That is if they don’t conflict with happy hour or a golf game.

Tues toons 008


They go on vacations, relax and party. Meanwhile…

The American Dream-Bubbles


But in their bizzaro world perception they have been busy. Unfortunately, their idea of  busy is obstructing the president in whatever he has proposed. Even if it means putting they country and the world, back down the crapper like Bush the Lesser did.

Tues toons 001


Because obstructing is very hard work.

Tues toons 005


Why do republicans and the Teabaggers hate America and Americans?

GOP Want to Kill AHCA


Jerk off Rethugs


If Boner and the rest of the Teabagging rethugs could grasp the reality of what’s going on and do the honorable thing and support the President….Oh wait…What am I saying?



What an asshole. I wonder if his mom agrees with him?



Just give the bastards time. They’ll think of a way.

Blame poverty on poor-Soldiers for War


They certainly worked hard on immigration.



They have to get the wording right. To bad they think that they are fooling everybody when the only ones that think and believe things like that are right wing nuts and Teabaggers.

I would never race profile


It’s bad when even sharks don’t want you.



Here’s a shirt for the rethugs to wear while they’re busy obstructing anything President Obama wants do do.



And finally…



Thanks for visiting.



The band is the creation  – literally – of Yoichiro Kawaguchi, an IT professor at the University of Tokyo, and mechanical designer Naofumi Yonetsuka, and is made up of drummer Ashura (with a sound that, according to Yonetsuka, is “the equivalent of four people playing drums”), keyboard player Cosmo, and guitarist Mach.

Ashura’s wonderfully over-the-top design – with six arms, “he” is able to play 22 drums simultaneously – is far from unique within the band. Mach has 78 fingers (and 12 picks), allowing him to manage guitar tricks that even Jimmy Page would have trouble mastering, whereas Cosmo is literally wired into his keyboard. Despite all of these technological advantages, there was still something that Z-Machines found itself lacking, however: a lead vocalist.

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