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Secret Quarter-Billion-Dollar Koch Brothers Political Operation Revealed

September 13, 2013


There ain’t nothing funny about this.



If Democrats had done this all the damn Right Wing Nuts,Teabaggers and every conservative in the country would be screaming about voter fraud, vote fixng, illegal funding or whatever Fox News, Pedophile Drug Addict OxyRush Limbaugh, Glen “Cry Baby” Beck told them to get mad about.

There would be crying and gnashing of teeth while yelling for IMPEACHMENT, RECALL ELECTIONS, and any other means they could think of to get Democrats out of office.
>>>>, the Washington insider website, has the money-in-politics scoop of the year: It has unmasked a previously unknown political money laundering operation, set up by the energy billionaires and libertarian Koch brothers, that raised $256 million and secretly spent almost all of it last year against Democrats.
The fact that secretive right-wingers could amass and spend a quarter-billion dollars in a presidential election cycle and go undetected under federal campaign finance law is an astounding indictment of the American electoral system, revealing that all the laws intending to inform the public about who is slinging political mud are meaningless. The mockery goes even further when considering the section of the federal tax code the group is operating under: 501(c)6. That designation is for trade associations, which lets the group conceal its donors.
The last sentence says it all.

“In other words, a new era of class warfare in America is just beginning.

I’m beginning to fear more and more for the common ordinary people of America and for America’s future.

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