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September 21, 2013


Here’s one of the engineers.

Give ’em hell Pat!

Pat Robertson-Nut Case


A lesson about rape for the nut jobs.






Quack! Quack!

Government Spending


Left Turn Confused Them


parasites destroying Country


Hey Momma…

When I grow up


Texas wants to put creationism in textbooks while watering down evolution. That way, they can be as SMRT as Louisiana.

(yes, the misspelling is intentional)



This are from the last week of August.

six-crazy-wingnut stories


One of the “VIP’s” on the train. Not hearing much out of ol’ ‘Frothy Santorum’ lately. He must be all “spewed” out.

Santorum and Bin Laden brothers


Illegal workers


Finally, a definition of why they are doing what they have been doing since President Obama took office.

Black Track-Definition


1930 Dr. Seuss cartoon is as relevant today as much now, as then.

1930 Dr. Seuss cartoon


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