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October 17, 2013


“..Obviously, comparing any modern politician to Hitler, a man who killed millions, is ridiculous. But it still happens. So, utilizing the the tactics of the Tea Party, here is an ALARMIST and SARCASTIC graphic to hit you in the gut and scare the crap out of you..”

Members of the Tea Party Caucus are a number of things: whackjobs, fanatics, blindingly white, etc. One thing they aren’t is very intellectually rigorous. In fact, they often rail against the over-educated. Ted Cruz is different. He is scary smart. After attending Princeton University, he went on to Harvard University Law School where Alan Dershowitz says Cruz was “off the charts brilliant.” Cruz was also such an elitist that he refused to study with anyone outside of Harvard, Yale and Princeton Graduates. Apparently, he has changed course, because he is BFFs with a cadre of folks he wouldn’t have touched with a 20-foot pole at Harvard. I don’t know if you have ever met a really smart person who is hanging out with people he considers idiots, but in my experience it’s because he can play them like fiddles. See: Jim Jones, Charlie Manson, David Koresh. Cruz is the puppeteer behind this “David Fincher directs the Muppets” show, and in my opinion, the most dangerous man in America.

Cruz’s army includes Steve King, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Mike Lee and every other wide-eyed idiot you hear stammering away on Fox News. They receive funding from Peter Thiel, the Koch Brothers and every other millionaire who would rather spend billions on making sure their taxes don’t rise than supporting programs that feed poor people. They poll-test talking points and then repeat them over and over again when speaking to reporters with absolutely no interest in having a conversation or addressing the actual issue presented by the questioner. These are politicians who actually believe that Obama is an Islamist Kenyan hellbent on destroying the United States. They think he’s an immigrant who wants to tear down American values brick by brick with the sickle and hammer of communism. They call him Hitler, but never really try to flesh out that argument.

Well, I’m going to tell you how Ted Cruz is actually like Adolf Hitler (but not really), and how he represents the potential for fascism in the United States. Every time I see Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz on television, I am overcome with the sense that he spends all his free time in the hidden room in his basement torturing the vagrants he keeps locked up down there with a cattle prod. He is a doughy, sunken-eyed alsoran, with a chip on his shoulder and undiagnosed sociopathy pulsing through his brilliant mind. He’s an unattractive, brilliant and deranged narcissist who plays on the fear of the people to gain power and influence using an army of uneducated, but incredibly loud imbeciles to do his dirty work. Visually, Ted Cruz brings to mind Hitler because they are both schlubby, mousy haired everymen, with the general bearing of Lord Voldemort. But there are more similarities than a lack of physical creepiness, there are also similarities in their biographies, viewpoints and paranoias.

Up until recently, the Tea Party has been relatively rudderless. Because it was run by nitwits, there was not much reason to believe that they had the potential to grow into a significant threat to American Democracy. With Cruz at the helm, the situation is significantly altered. Cruz is a brilliant speaker, thinker and strategist. He is a sociopath and narcissist whose highly tuned lack of empathy will allow him to act with a destructive capacity that most humans lack. He will be able prey on those less intellectual than him and has already worked a sizable chunk of the population into a paranoid and vicious rage.


Couple that with his crazy father believing that Taliban Ted is the ‘anointed one’ because of their Dominionist beliefs, his lack of empathy and narcissism, he may truly believe that he is the hope of the country and maybe the world.


I’m not trying to be an alarmist. Just cautious.


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