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“It’s Just A Flesh Wound”…Republicans Claim Victory

October 18, 2013



A nod and Thank You to Monty Python.


At least for this lunatic teabagger it was a victory. (But only in his own mind)


Taliban Ted Cruz is a man for the people.

And over $800,000 in donations from many of those same suckers.



What they got was nothing! NOT A DAMNED THING!!!!!!

Repug got shit demands


The crazy and delusional is deep in this guy.



What they said before, during, and after the shutdown.


Speaking of the Teabaggers.

We can only hope.




back-a-bit Don't tread on oooops



I had a laugh at this one. Maybe it’s because I’m from Rapid City, SD.


I hope he made a good deal. There is some possible illegal campaign practices being looked into.


Thanks for visiting.


So what did NASA do during the US government shutdown? You can’t just turn off spacecraft that are operating millions of miles away, so missions like the Mars rovers and the Cassini spacecraft at Saturn continued to send back images to Earth during the 16 days that most of NASA wasn’t up and running like usual. On October 10, 2013, as Cassini flew high above the planet’s equatorial plane, the spacecraft’s camera took 36 images of Saturn, a dozen each using the various red, green, and blue filters used to create color images. The images were transferred back to Earth and put on the Cassini raw images page. Gordon Ugarkovic from Croatia, and a member of the image editing wizards at, grabbed the raw files, processed them, then assembled the images into this jaw-dropping mosaic.

This is a view from Saturn that we could never get from Earth; only a spacecraft orbiting the planet could take it. You can see the north pole and the swirling maelstrom of clouds that creates the hexagonal polar vortex, the thin bands in Saturn’s atmosphere, and — of course — what really stands out is the incredible view of Saturn’s rings. To see the original 3 MB version, see this page on UMSF.

“You shouldn’t be surprised to see processing artifacts here and there,” cautioned Ugarkovic via email to Universe Today. “It is, after all, based on raw JPEG images only.”

Read more:

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