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House Speaker Boehner’s Insurance Premium Nearly Doubles Under The ACA

December 12, 2013


No cartoons today. Just a hypocritical, lying drunk.

Lying by omission and half-truths.

I don’t know if it’s a politician thing or a republican thing.

All I know is that the rethugs seem to lie about everything. If they open their mouth…They lie.

If it can put President Obama in a bad light, so much the better.

Poor boehner. The drunken sot is being asked to pay his fair share because of an amendment by Rethuglican Sen. Chuck Grassley.

Boehner crying about insurance1


In his weekly press conference on Dec. 5, Boehner bemoaned the cost of his new insurance. “My health insurance premiums are gonna double,” Boehner said. “My co-pays and deductibles tripled under Obamacare.” He added, sarcastically, “I’m thrilled to death as you can tell.”


Boehner reported that, under his current plan, he pays premiums of $433 a month for him and his wife, with a $700 deductible. But Boehner doesn’t need a joint health plan next year because his wife just turned 65, and is therefore eligible for Medicare. Fox News reported that Boehner’s wife, Debbie, had already applied for Medicare Part A, the premium-free hospital care program. Boehner’s office reported that in order to enroll in Medicare Parts B and D — to make the switch comparable — she’d have to pay up to $400 per month.

That left Boehner shopping for a plan just for himself. He selected a Blue Cross PPO plan with a $1,000 deductible — one described by Care First Blue Cross as the one “that most closely matches the benefits” in the current federal employee plan. It’s got the same network of doctors. The plan has a monthly premium of $875.32 for someone 64 years old, like Boehner. The federal government picks up 75 percent of the premium (up to a maximum of $426 per month) — so the cost to Boehner is $449 per month.

To sum up, Boehner is paying $433 a month now. His new plan will cost $449 a month plus up to $400 a month for his wife’s Medicare plan, for a total of $849 — nearly twice his current premium of $433.

The couple’s combined cost is comparable, Boehner said, to what he would have paid for a joint plan on the exchange that is similar to the one he has now. He said that would have cost $802 per month in premiums, with a $2,000 deductible.

The bottom line could have been worse for Boehner. Under the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies can charge smokers, such as Boehner, up to 50 percent more — unless a state expressly prohibits charging higher premiums based on tobacco use. Washington, D.C., happens to be one of the few that does not allow insurance companies to charge extra for smokers.  There are seven states with a similar policy, according to, including: California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont.


But there’s a big caveat with the Medicare cost for Boehner’s wife.

As columnist Michael Hiltzik explained in the Los Angeles Times, Medicare premiums are based on income. Boehner’s office declined to tell us the married couple’s combined salary, only that their income would result in Medicare premiums of around $400 per month. In order to have to pay that much for Medicare Part B and D next year, a couple would have to earn more than $428,000 a year. If a couple had a combined income above $428,000, they’d have to pay $336 per month for Medicare Part B and another $69 per month for Part D (the drug premium) in 2014.


Boehner is paying more for his insurance, and he has a higher deductible. There’s no denying this is a bad switch for him.  But, again, that’s mostly because he’s an anomaly. He’s paying more for his wife’s Medicare because the Boehners earn far more than most Americans. And he pays more for his premium because he’s 64 years old.

Article at link:

I have two words for you boehner…


My wife and I are disabled. We get $809/month on my disability. At the moment that’s all the money we get a month. We get $270/month food stamps(SNAP).

Starting on Jan. 1, 2014 that goes down to $265/month. Last month(Nov.) it went down $20. A year ago November, we were getting $316/month.

That’s $51.00 less that we can’t buy milk or fresh vegetables with. Which, because of my medical problems(heart being the worst), my doctor says I should eat.

We are now surviving on $1.45 per person, per meal.

That’s a lot pasta and more processed food full of salt, sodium and starch. All bad for my heart.

So the money that I get from SS won’t even pay for your insurance premium.

Hell, it probably wouldn’t keep you in swizzle sticks.

And you’re bitching???


Although on the upside for you rethugs I’ll probably die sooner rather than later because of my, now worse, diet.

But then that’s part of the teabaggers and rethugs health plan.

  • Don’t get sick.
  • If you get sick…

And what’s a few lies if it furthers your agenda of hating President Obama and obstructing everything that he is trying to accomplish.

Boehner lies about insurance1

Go to hell you bastard.


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