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Going Nowhere Fast-The Continuing Legacy Of The GOP

December 16, 2013


Pissing and moaning themselves into insignificance.

The Tyranny Party


kkk, Koch brothers


Republicans approve of...




Not to mention the two unfunded, illegal wars.

Medicare part D more expensive than ACA


Yes…Yes it is.



Consevative Logic Katrina


The Bush Bastards didn’t care enough about the troops to even give them enough armored vehicles.



What's wrong with rethugs


This pretty much breaks it down.

Tom Tomarrow Republican Healthcare


They will be exposed for the frauds that they are and have been since Capt. Raygun.

Why GOP is scared


A ‘right-on’ rant about WI Gov. Walker. One of the biggest Koch suckers of the teabagger/rethug party. His idea of Christmas?

Rant about Psychopath Walker


Mr. Cummings last statement reflects on how they don’t give a rats ass about Americans that aren’t rich or connected.


Maybe if they practiced this?

Don't hold farts in


Without a doubt!

If Obama were white


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