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Yellow Snow And Logic

January 3, 2014


Rethug Logic Jobs




Walmart…The Arkansas Welfare Queen



Congress is THE GIFT FROM HELL that keeps on giving the year ’round.

Rethug Santa


Yes, ‘The Turtle’ really cares.

Mitch Bitch voted against vets

Until the leave the military.


What you pay at 50000 yr




If this doesn't happen by 1016




25 states have this type of health care thanks to their teabagger/rightwing nut governors or rethug controlled legislatures.

Rethug health Plan



This is what Ryan wants you to do. Unless you’re rich and contribute to him or other rethugs.

And you have to supply your own vaseline.



Don’t you dare say anything about their religion.

Oppressed Religion


Because they are TRUE ‘MURIKANS!!!

How to Be a Real Patriot


Led by ‘S-M-R-T people.


OK. That was a cheap shot, but I call ’em as I see ’em.


Do you think this would happen?

Obama And Yellow Snow


Thank you for visiting.

Yes, That Picture of the Moon and the Andromeda Galaxy Is About Right

By Phil Plait
In my line of business—trying to spread the word about science and trying to grind anti-science under my heel—I post a lot of articles with the word “no” in the title. “No, There’s No Proof of a Giant Planet in the Outer Solar System”, “No, Mars Won’t Be as Big as the Moon. Ever.”, “No, the Earth (Almost Certainly) Won’t Get Hit by an Asteroid in 2032”, and “No, We Are Not in a Climate ‘Pause’.”

Sometimes I wind up having to debunk viral pictures or videos getting spread around, too, which are very difficult to extinguish. That’s why I’m pretty happy to be able to write about one that’s actually pretty much correct!

The picture shows the crescent Moon in the sky, and superposed near it is the Andromeda galaxy, the nearest big spiral to our own Milky Way. The caption varies from site to site, but generally says that this is how big the Andromeda galaxy would actually look in our sky if it were brighter. Here’s the picture:


And I have to say, that looks about right to me! Andromeda is one of the very few galaxies you can see with your naked eye from a dark site. It’s easy in binoculars, and if you use a small telescope, the galaxy fills the eyepiece.



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