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March 1, 2014


Let’s start with these rat-bastards. On President Obama’s first day they decided to work against him no matter how much it hurt the country or anyone of us living in it. Not to mention that they didn’t care how much they hurt the world.

All because of the hate they have for one man. That hate they then have thinly disguised as a hissy fit because THEY are not running the country from THEIR WHITE HOUSE!!!



Ryan Hypocrite


I’m sure there is a special place for Lyin’ Ryan.

To Paul Ryan from Satan

The hypocritical, liars don’t have the truth in them.

Deficit Shrinking



They don’t seem to know how a church works.



Possibly one of the biggest Asshats of all time. And war criminal.



Cheney Foodstamps Cut


Why do they hate the veterans?



Question that needs asked


The “boy” is getting uppity.

how-GOP is helping-america

Maybe if he had started an illegal war or 2 he might get a pass from those ‘good christian conservatives.

Obama Bush Comparison




Rafael (The Reptile) Cruz

Ted (Rafael) Cruz reptile




Wizard of Oz-Tea party


Fox News Idiots


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