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CONservatives Continue To Lower The Bar On Decency

April 21, 2014


This was back in February and from what I can find out it still hasn’t been passed.

Patriotic my ass.

Voted Against Vets


This is one of my favorites.

GOP small government

They are not Conservatives

CONS opposed all these


Funny how we didn’t hear anything from the rethugs when this happened to George the Lesser but when President Obama does the same thing the shit flinging cowards on Faux Spews scream about how he’s weak.



How to hide money from rethug

Holly Lobby

Rethug Asshole Josh Miller1



Bullshit Goggles

Senators heart stops seeing paycheck

Idiots Light year explained

Conservative Race card


I can’t wait for those asshats to be voted out.

Thank you for visiting.

Astronomers find ‘diamond ring’ in space

“The European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope has captured a spectacular image of a planetary nebula aligned with a star in such a way that it looks like a diamond engagement ring.

Abell 33 came from a star that’s going to become a white dwarf, which is one way that a star can evolve at the end of its life. White dwarfs are small, dense and hot, and they cool down over billions of years.”


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