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Greed Over People

May 1, 2014


I’d say that pretty much describes the supposedly religious, no honor, anti-life  republicans and right wing zealot preachers that use their tax free forum to denigrate President Obama and any Democrat from behind their tax free pulpit.

rethug Greed Over People





Jon Stewart nails it.

Jon Stewart Taxes Nails It

American Poverty Graph


I don’t know who this guy is but he seems a bit pissed. (From Facebook)

Vets FB Page to ryan


I like this.

Dear republicans1


Something the rethugs and teabagger might want to think about.

16 as 18 yr olds will vote in 2016

History of Religion

Stupid Rethugs


History doesn’t seem to be their strong suit.

Lesson in Economic History

Last time rethug careds




I’d love to see/hear this.



Can you believe this? I can. Fascism…HERE WE COME!!!!! Screw the kids. Or in this case, get somebody to pimp them out.


Thank you for visiting.


Man Single-Handedly Builds World’s Largest Balloon Sculpture

John Reid, a balloon artist from New York, built the world’s largest balloon sculpture (made by a single person) last Friday. He got to work on Thursday morning at the Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience event and spent the next several hours inflating thousands of colored balloons at his booth.

42 hours later he had put together a 50-foot tall Transformers robot, ‘Poptimus’ Prime, using 4,302 purple, green, white, black and gray balloons. It was so tall that it actually couldn’t fit upright in the convention center. Reid and 10 other volunteers had to struggle a bit to bring it into a kneeling position. The robot is said to be invincible, except for one weakness – needles!


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