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Conservative Nut Job Says Women Who Have Abortions Should Be Hanged, and So Should Doctors. This is “pro-life?”

October 1, 2014


What a despicable piece of shit. (apologies to shit)

Kevin Williamson, a correspondent for National Review, suggested Monday that women who have abortions should be hanged.
Williamson’s tweet came in a back-and-forth on twitter that started with Williamson’s piece criticizing a blog post by actress and director Lena Dunham on why women should vote.
The key part of the exchange was captured by Charles Johnson of the blog Little Green Footballs. Here is the exchange:

But his attitude shouldn’t be surprising considering how so many “Christian” reTHUGlicans think of pregnancy, women and rape.

Rethugs on Rape


Many reTHUGS and teabaggers seem to think like Gov. Perry of Texas.


It’s logical to them.


That’s why they keep wasting taxpayers money.

Bills regulating Women bodies

It’s baffling that they can’t seem to understand.

Birth Control Prevents Abortions



In the end it isn’t about the fetus or the woman.

It’s about those BIG STRONG MEN(?) not having control over women.

Not just their women…but…



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