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Why Does Mitch McConnell Want To Kill Kentuckians And Cause Higher Unemployment In Kentucky?

October 12, 2014


The reason for the title is in the video. He wants to do away with the ACA (ObamaCare) and black lung insurance benefits for coal miners.

DESPICABLE to say the least!

He, like other reTHUGliCONS, seem intent on making life as hard on America, and Americans, as they possibly can.

What I can’t understand is how reTHUGliCONS and Teabaggers can vote against their own interests by voting for This Koch brothers backed slimeball. Someone needs to ask him why he is so intent on killing Kentuckians? On second thought I, and everyone with functioning brain cells, know why they vote like they do. It’s sad and disgusting.

The video won’t post but you can see it here.


This guy sums up what the republican party is all about since President Obama was elected, and before, while he was running. And, he’s a republican.

Rethugs HATE Obama


If you want to know what this pic is about, go here. 

Rethugs HATE Obama2

I was so disappointed in Clint Eastwood. I’d never have thought that he was racist and an asshole.


For more context on the republican thought process…

From the article;

““Common Core,” the name for a set of national education standards, is the latest rallying cry for right-wing activists. Derided as “Obamacore,” it’s been attacked as a government attempt to usurp local curriculums and impose liberal values on conservative communities. Glenn Beck calls it a plot to turn children into “cogs” under a police state, and several Republican politicians have jumped on the bandwagon, denouncing the Obama administration for supporting the standards.

If this is confusing to ordinary observers—there’s nothing totalitarian about guidelines for what students should know at the end of each grade—it’s bewildering for Common Core advocates, who just four years ago were a boring part of the American policy landscape. Common Core was a bipartisan initiative, with support from the vast majority of governors, including Louisiana’s Bobby Jindal, who has since reversed course as he preps for a potential 2016 presidential run.

What happened to make Common Core an object of hate for conservative activists? The answer is easy: “The Republican revolt against the Common Core,” noted the New York Times on Saturday, “can be traced to President Obama’s embrace of it.”


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