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Christian Nation Or Not? And… Just Clearing Off My Desktop.

November 20, 2014


Sometimes I wish the GOP/Tea Party/Republican would get a dog and name him Clue.

Then they would have one.

Let’s start with the guy they seem to idolize the most then go from there.

reagan religion

Is America a christian nation

GOP Do this first

GOP Racists Mission



Can they explain how this is christian?

GOP scrub out vote



America founded on Religion-NOT


This is how the reTHUGliCONS and their puppetmasters, the very rich, see those beneath them.

As in us, the dirty unwashed masses.

Desperate People

There is no poverty-Tom Tomorrow


I’m including this one just because it made me laugh.

What if Rapture Happened

Here’s something that those GOOD. CHRISTIAN. CONSERVATIVE. REPUBLICANS. need to remember…

According to their Bible and their God…



Thank you for visiting.

Some of the writing in some of the cartoons is hard to read. Sorry about that. WordPress has changed something and some things don’t download the right way. I’ll try to figure out if it’s me or not. I can read most of the letters and my eyes are pretty bad. Hope you can.


450HP Mustang Indy 500 Pace Car Has A Huge Price Tag

Describing a Mustang as “rare” seems a bit strange, but this 1964 1/2 convertible is truly one of a kind. Reportedly it was assembled during the first hour of Mustang production and then heavily modified before serving as the pace car for the Indianapolis 500. It is now for sale at RK Motors in Charlotte for…wait for it…$1,099,000.

As part of the media storm that Ford was conjuring up for the Mustang introduction, the company wanted its new pony car to pace the field at one of the world’s most watched sporting events. Three convertibles were slated for Indy 500 duty and sent to Charlotte-based tuners Holman Moody to get them ready for the high speed runs required by any pace car at the 500.

My first “hot rod” was a 1969 Mustang Fastback/351 Windsor/ 4 speed/4 barrel carb. Bought in 1974 for $1500.00. Can’t believe that I got rid of it and can’t, to this day, remember why.

Young and stupid I guess.

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